‘Propped bottle’ warning over baby death

Image copyright MEDIALINCS Image caption Alex Masters succumbed whilst in the care of his godmother

A coroner has warned against imparting newborns “propped up” bottles of milk after a a four-month-old died when he was left to feed alone in his vehicle seat.

Alex Masters choked to death on his milk after godmother Claire Sawyer fell asleep on the sofa at her Lincoln flat.

An inquest was told Miss Sawyer had given him a bottle of milk with a cloak propped underneath it.

Coroner Stuart Fisher said although it was not illegal, babes feeding from a propped bottle should be supervised.

Image copyright MEDIALINCS Image caption The baby’s baby Chloe Masters said she did not know her son was sleep in a car seat at Miss Sawyer’s flat

The infant, from Gainsborough, croaked after being taken to Lincoln County Hospital on 3 October, 2015.