Rep. Kennedy slams ‘bullies’ in response to Trump’s State of the Union

Rep. Joe Kennedy III thumped “bullies” in his response to President Trump’s first State of the Union address Tuesday darknes, and offered a Democratic “answer” to the “chaos” of the past year.

Shortly after the president addressed the commonwealth, promising unity and touting his administration’s accomplishments to “Make America Great Again, ” the 37 -year-old congressman and member of one of America’s more prominent political houses leaved government officials Democratic rebuttal to his speech.

Kennedy followed in one great uncle’s strides Tuesday. Ted Kennedy gave the Democratic have responded to onetime President Ronald Reagan’s address in 1982.

Joe Kennedy originated his rebuttal by characterizing the country as “fractured, ” offering an “answer” from Democrat , noting further that they pick “a better cope for all who ask home countries home.”

“Because the strongest, richest, greatest nation in the world shouldn’t leave anyone behind, ” Kennedy said, praising the Trump administration’s plan to repeal and supersede ObamaCare, research infrastructure intentions and plan for paid leave and cheap childcare. His speech did not proposal a clearly defined “answer” from Democrats, but instead rolled affordable education and health care as important programs.

During his speech, Twitter was chattering with questions over an self-evident moisture in the region of Kennedy’s mouth, that appeared to be slobber, or some sort of ocean.