Iran protests: How Trump can strike a fatal blow against a dangerous, tyrannical regime

President Trump should make decisive activity in 2018 is in favour of ousting of the virulently anti-American theocracy that has governed Iran with an iron fist and threatened its neighbors for the last four decades.

The president’s first step is due to shed American support behind the fearles anti-government protesters who have taken to the streets in mass shows across the Islamic Republic since Thursday. The street demonstrations resumed Saturday, with demoes in metropolitans including the capital of Tehran and Kermanshah.

In a good first step, the U.S. State Department announced Friday that the America “strongly condemns the arrest of peaceful protesters. We exhort all nations to publicly support the Iranian beings and their a requirement for fundamental rights and an death to corruption.”

President Trump himself worked his Twitter account to condemn the arrest of objectors in Iran, writing late Friday night: “Many reports of peaceful protests by Iranian citizens fed up with regime’s bribery& its squandering of the nation’s property to store terrorism abroad. Iranian govt monitoring compliance with their people’s titles, including right to express themselves. The macrocosm is watching! ”

Saturday afternoon he tweeted from part of his September U.N. General Assembly address where he specifically mentioned Iran: