Meet The Service That Is Literally The ClassPass Of Fashion

We’re all familiar with this predicament: You necessitate an outfit for[ Insert Fancy-Ass Event Here ]. You find the excellent inspection, but find the price tag and are like, “Shit. I can’t deplete that on something I’m only going to wear once.” Then you throw everything back on the rack and go home in sadness to try Sears. Well, luck for you, such a situation is a act of the past thanks to FashionPass. It compounds our two favorite things thoughts, ClassPass and style, to bring you an amazing wardrobe without all the commitment. I imply, you can just commit to the same Hinge conversation for more than 24 hours, so why commit to an outfit for the rest of their own lives?

Here’s how it wields: For a monthly fee that’s maybe less than what the hell are you spend on takeout, FashionPass enables you to acquire and exchange invests as many times as you demand per month. All you have to do is wear’ em,’ Gram’ em( because what’s the station of appearing so good if there aren’t pics ?), and refer’ em back. It’s mostly an boundless wardrobe delivered to your door every month. Crazy right?

And if you’re too much of a commitment-phobe to handle the monthly service( my condolences to any human who struggles a relationship with you ), there are also one-time rentals, so you can make absolutely sure you’ll look astounding when disintegrating your ex’s wedding night at your next event.

Dying to try it out? Well you’re in luck, because Betches readers can take $20 off your first 4 or 8 period rental, or 50% off your first month of FashionPass with the promo code BETCHES . You are so welcome.

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